ABB PowerValue 11LI Up

PowerValue 11LI Up 600VA

PowerValue 11LI Up 800VA

PowerValue 11LI Up 1000VA

PowerValue 11LI Up 1500VA

PowerValue 11LI Up 2000VA

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ABB PowerValue 11LI Pro

PowerValue 11LI Pro 600VA

PowerValue 11LI Pro 800VA

PowerValue 11LI Pro 1000VA

PowerValue 11LI Pro 1500VA

PowerValue 11LI Pro 2000VA

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ABB PowerValue 11T G2

PowerValue 11T G2 1kVA B/S

PowerValue 11T G2 2kVA B/S

PowerValue 11T G2 3kVA B/S

PowerValue 11T G2 6kVA B/B2/S

PowerValue 11T G2 10kVA B/B2/S

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ABB PowerValue 11RT G2

PowerValue 11RT G2 1kW B/S

PowerValue 11RT G2 2kW B/S

PowerValue 11RT G2 3kW B/S

PowerValue 11RT G2 6kW

PowerValue 11RT G2 10kW

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ABB PowerValue 11/31T 10-20kVA

PowerValue 11/31T 10kVA

PowerValue 11/31T 10kVA S

PowerValue 11/31T 10kVA B

PowerValue 11/31T 10kVA B2

PowerValue 11/31T 20kVA

PowerValue 11/31T 20kVA S

PowerValue 11/31T 20kVA B

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ABB TLE Series IEC 200-400kVA

TLE Series IEC 200-400kVA

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ABB DPA UPScale ST 10-200kVA

DPA UPScale ST40

DPA UPScale ST60

DPA UPScale ST80

DPA UPScale ST120

DPA UPScale ST200

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ABB DPA UPScale RI 10-80kVA

DPA UPScale RI10

DPA UPScale RI11

DPA UPScale RI12

DPA UPScale RI20

DPA UPScale RI22

DPA UPScale RI24

DPA UPScale RI40

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ABB DPA 250 S4 50-300kVA

DPA 250 S4 50-300kVA

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ABB DPA 500 100-500kVA

DPA 500 100-500kVA

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ABB PowerWave 33 60-500kVA

PowerWave 33 60kW

PowerWave 33 80kW

PowerWave 33 100kW

PowerWave 33 120kW

PowerWave 33 160kW

PowerWave 33 200kW

PowerWave 33 250kW

PowerWave 33 300kW

PowerWave 33 400kW

PowerWave 33 500kW

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ABB PowerLine DPA 20-120kVA

PowerLine DPA 20

PowerLine DPA 40

PowerLine DPA 80

PowerLine DPA 120

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ABB SG Series IEC 10-500kVA

SG Series IEC 10-40kVA

SG Series IEC 60-80kVA

SG Series IEC 100-120kVA

SG Series IEC 160kVA

SG Series IEC 200-300kVA

SG Series IEC 400-500kVA

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ABB PowerScale 33 10-50kVA

PowerScale 33 10kVA

PowerScale 33 15kVA

PowerScale 33 20kVA

PowerScale 33 25kVA

PowerScale 33 30kVA

PowerScale 33 40kVA

PowerScale 33 50kVA

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ABB MegaFlex DPA 1000-1500kVA

MegaFlex DPA

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Diesel Generators

Our company leases, deploys and operates high capacity diesel generators. Their great advantage lies in the capabaility of supplying the needed power even in dire conditions. High capacity diesel generators offered by USV Ltd. can supply power for days at a capacity of 55-500 kVA.

Diesel generators are the perfect solution if a longer power shortage is expected but the company’s production should not be stopped. Banks, cold stores, hospitals and datacenters relies on our company’s products.

Diesel generators are also widely used in areas where power through electrical grid is not yet available.